Individuals – Minor

Work, work, fashion baby, work it, make that bitch go crazy. Got some inspiration from the one and only Lady Gaga. That became my motto when I worked on the iNDiViDUALS collection for SS15. Gosh, what a time that was. The ups and the downs where nothing compared to the most thrilling rollercoaster ride at a theme park.

I worked together with a group of people coming from all different backgrounds. So you had a group designers, branders and then there was me with the group of management.  Although I worked in the management group, you as an individual were responsible for every aspect that has to do with building up the brand and the collection. The main things I needed to worry about was getting the collection produced for commercial goals. So digitizing the patterns, having conversations with the manufacturers in China where the collection was produced, to even the little details such as trims that needed to be ordered.

Besides all that, I also got the chance to work on the concept of the collection and think of the designs that would go with the concept. So that the clothing tells the story. You  also have to communicate that to the consumer so that’s were branding came in. You really get to be so multi-functional within the group of people you work with that you learn a bit of everything.

We even went to Paris to select the fabrics for our collection ourselves. Going to Premiere the vision acting all ‘fancy and stuff’. It was quite the experience. But if you want to see the end result, check out the video I posted.

Concept of the collection

Today’s turbulent and uncertain environment has placed our identities under pressure. The S/S15 collection presents the strength found to distance ourselves from hyper reality. While peeling off the layers, we embrace a new self in a world that allows us to expand our private world and focus on the inner self.

For the second season running, 3rd and 4th year students of AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute will have full responsibility for the entire show. This season, the brand will show the collection as a part of Mediamatic’s Lightness programme.

Hope you enjoy the show!