Interview with David Laport for Mirror Mirror Magazine

David Laport and his yellow dress

June 17, 2016

During the Met Gala, begin May, Solange Knowles was wearing a bright yellow dress from the very first collection of Amsterdam based designer David Laport. Having a dress that is still relevant today is something really remarkable. A Q&A with David Laport.

So first of all David, congratulations with the success of Solange Knowles wearing your dress. Do you still get a lot of reactions about it?
“I do actually, and it’s funny because it has really been picked up in America. I am also really proud of a review I got in the New York Times that was really positive. Recently the singer Sia was wearing a dress in the Ellen Degeneres show and Jesse J took some looks on tour with her. Furthermore I am in option for a few famous magazine covers, so that’s awesome. “

The dress Solange Knowles was wearing was rather outspoken…  
“Yes, it’s really funny actually because she wanted a different dress at first. But in the end it turned out she picked the yellow dress. I love to work with bright colors, but it’s also important as a young designer, to make a statement. Yellow is a really cool color. It brings freshness and brightness. That’s what makes the dress modern, this is also the reason why I work a lot with white.”

If you had to compare a fabric with beauty, what fabric would that be and why ?
I love transparent fabrics. I also like transparency in beauty and make-up, that there is a certain type of lightness or transparency. But, as for a fabric I would say soft silk, though it could also be the contrary, like a nylon.
And then silk will be in contrast with the make-up, that can be really bright and in your face. I think it’s important to play with contrasts in clothing and make up.”

If you would base a collection on a characteristic time era. What time era would it be and why.
“I really love the 60’s and the 20’s. The 20’s for the short haircuts, the little mouth and beautiful eyes. The era has a certain romance. The 60’s is interesting because it was a really refreshing period with lots of youthfulness and girly aspects. All so fresh and modern.”

If you are casting models, are there certain things you have an eye on?
“Yes. The things I look for  – with a casting director and a stylist – is something unique. I rather have a model with a big nose or eyes that are slightly too far apart than a typical beauty. For me it’s more interesting to have somebody with unique features, I can really appreciate that also because it can add something to the look.”

About the make up for a show, where do you get your inspiration from?
“For my latest collection I wanted to work with al lot of glitter, and do some crazy make-up. But my boyfriend, who is a stylist, said: ‘don’t do it, keep it clean’. We work a lot together so he also has a lot of saying as it comes to defining the looks. I really think it is important to only put focus on one thing; so either the lips or the eyes.

But the make-up also depends on the show concept. I once made a collection that was based on insects and we got the inspiration for make up from atomizing the fly. So the legs of the fly looked a bit like spider legs and that was the starting point for the look.”

Interview and text by Tessa Bosma for Mirror Mirror Magazine