NOIR for Life After Footbal magazine

The mystery around black is something we all want to figure out. It’s end of 2016 and we’re still debating whether or not we can even call black a colour – there’s not a shade in the entire spectrum that needs more figuring out. Style icons such as Karl Lagerfeld or Kanye West wear black all the time – it is key for their impeccable style. As for designers, black is also a consistent player in fashion. No matter what season it is, black is always suitable – making it timeless, overcoming any fashion trend. The power of black lies in its duality – it is both sober, mysterious and muted; black makes your garment or even your style a statement without the need to shout about it.

The colour black always associates with the darker things in life, gothics, superstition, mourning – all for good reasons though. When we look back at history it shows us that in the 14th century expensive black clothes where mainly for the European middle class. Wearing black was a way to dress luxuriously. Whereas colour, on the other hand, was only meant for the nobility. By the late 1600s, people both in Europe and the US had begun to fall under a spell – the spell of witchcraft. Spurned by religious fanaticism, they began to see evil in black – giving the colour its superstitious associations. So it’s not unusual that the colour black is perceived in a negatively, as its main associations are not very positive ones.

After these occurrences black wasn’t a colour that was loved – or was even remotely fashionable, for that matter. So how did black became a fashion statement? It all began with Queen Victoria , when Prince Albert died, she took wearing black to her way of everyday dressing.

Her decision in dressing resonated into everyday fashion. The Queen set a style example for the people who looked up to her, as she reformed her mourning into a true fashion statement. Eventually this led to an acceptance of the colour black in everyday dressing.

So here we are, in the 21th century, where every garment containing the colour black a fashion statement. For many designers black is their pillar – something that was clearly to be seen during the shows at fashion week. Brands as Y-3, Versace, Dior and Dolce & Gabanna (among many others) still had black as one of their favorites for this coming fall.

For this season, again, exaggerating in volume or accessories is something that will be highly trending. As for black, our most powerful player; it will stay timeless, effortless, and yet still seductive. You can never go wrong with the darkest shade of all times.

Text written for Life After Football