Photography project for FOAM

Foam Lab is a group of fresh young thinkers and makers that work together to renew FOAM.  This group consists out of graphic designers, fashion designers, and even dancers. Foam Lab is about thinking outside of the box. Together with my colleagues we will research the possibilities to give a refreshing take on different assignments we will get. Dealing with 3 assignments focused on different area’s such as a new education program, creating a marketing strategy and events for the BETA program and the cherry on the cake;  During Foam Fusion Festival we will be responsible for a room that will be part of the exhibition. The assignment gives us the freedom to be a part of the festival and lets us create the concept and develop it into a realization of our idea’s within the museum.

For this project I made the group picture consisting out of lose portraits I took of each member. The idea behind the picture is that we each have our own talents and we are the “lose parts” which we will combine together to become a strong team.