Solar weekend Festival

Solar is a creative 4 day  festival held every year in the south of the Netherlands. I am a hardcore visitor making the 2014 edition the 6th time I’ve been partying on that festival. The festival is all about creativity and therefore making it a social and also an interactive festival. This is probably also the thing I like the most about Solar besides music you can do workshops, change your outfit completely with stands you can change stuff, go to the cinema and if you aren’t tired yet dance some more!

The festival has many different stages to please in everybody’s music taste or to discover something new. This also makes it a very mixed and open minded festival. A lot of stages are represented by people that have their own group of dj’s, mc’s you name it, and the cool thing is they get their own creative input on how their stages are going to look and build it themselves as well.
The atmosphere is something that probably can’t be described right, that’s something you have to experience yourself I guess.

Besides the option of going to solar as a one day party-go-er, you can also sleep there on their campsite. This always comes with a pre party that is kept the day before the festival officially opens gives you the option to jingle and get ready to mingle. When you get tired of dancing and want to rest for a bit you can also chill on fatboys  alongside the water to watch a movie in the camping cinema.  Making the camping as comfy as it can get.
Each year together with red bull you will see the most creative and amazing tents, making you jealous you’re sleeping in your pop-upy. But still people on the campsite make lots of efforts to pimp their tent, giving the campsite such a festive look. Chilling with your neighbors has never been so much fun then on the solar festival campsite.

In this photoseries I made for my brother from another mother’s site you can see my impression of Solar Festival 2014.