Solar Festival with Red Bull

It’s that time of year again, the moment we have all been waiting for. Packing our dancing shoes, glitters, good mood and your favorite sunnies, it’s time for Solar weekend festival.  This year Red Bull invited us to experience glamping, camping with comfort is something we definitely would like to experience. Not being big fans of camping, Solar always gets us out of our diva attitude for 3 days.
We are willing to be baked out of the tent at 7 in the morning after 2 royal hours of sleep, to not shower for three days because in the end, YOLO, right?

The Red Bull art camping is based on the creativity of people. Sending in your best ideas for your royal palace may actually get you there! It’s up to the people to vote who is the most creative and eventually will get the budget to build the tent and be part of the Red Bull camp. Just a few snaps so you can see who were the lucky ones.

With a lot of fun activities we did not get bored one bit! Morning yoga, spotting birds and of course the morning rave in bathrobes, because the party never stops.

We even experienced the fear of missing out, there is so much to do. Not only on the campsite but also on the festival itself.  Choosing between so many stages can be one of the luxury problems you will experience.

Not only did Red Bull give us wings when we drank a lot of vodka Red Bulls. We also got treated really well by the guys of Loco’s kitchen. They made such tasty meals that the hangovers where bearable again, and even made us forget that we were on a camping. Previous years we were happy with some sweaty cheese sandwiches we brought from home. So this was quite the upgrade.
After some heavy dancing, good food, short nights of sleep, a good amount of sun we wanted to show you our experience through this photo serie. Looking for creativity in individuals, enjoy!