Music video

Oraclez – Overflow

Something new and exciting on the block that goes by the name Oraclez. An extravagant  and musically original duo based in Amsterdam. Sharon Harman (AVA) and David van Dorsten (XXANCTUARII) are the two creatives behind a world that goes beyond the human perception of normal. They are associated with the term “androids”. Having their bright white eyes that make you feel slightly uncomfortable when staring at them is one of their trademarks.

The 14th of May they will release their first EP where you can expect a lot of hypnotizing sounds and even more crazy visuals.

Me and my companion in life had the privilege to get our creative juices flowing by helping the duo create their looks for their music video ‘Overflow’ that came out on the 18th of April.  It was a really fun and exciting job since nothing seemed to be too crazy. So, if you give me a box where I can color outside the lines then better expect it to be a piece of art.

So herby I am proud to present to you a music video.  It is a visual pleasure to watch because of the creative talent that Andrea Casetti put into this video and next to that also a tingling sensation for your eardrums by the unique sound of Oraclez. Go ahead, press play!